The start of the races is at Lake Teleccio, in the municipality of Locana, about 30 km from Ceresole Reale (race finish). To reach the starting point on the day of the race, shuttles are available leaving from Ceresole Reale and Locana that take you up to Teleccio. The shuttle must be booked when registering. Sunday morning shuttles sold out

  • Camping Piccolo Paradiso: 04:00
  • Rifugio Mila: 04:10
  • Casa Gran Paradiso: 04:20
  • Ceresole Sport Village: 04:25
  • Noasca: 04:30
  • Rosone: 04:35
  • Locana: 04:25
Shuttles will be available for car recovery from Ceresole to Teleccio on Sunday afternoon after the race (to be booked when registering)
Shuttles will be available on Saturday afternoons (17:30) from Ceresole to Teleccio for those staying overnight at the Pontese refuge (to be booked when registering)
After the race, free shuttles will be available to reach Noasca and Locana.