The Sports Association Baltea Runner ASD, with the patronage of the Gran Paradiso National Park, the “Comunità Montana Valli Orco and Soana”, with the cooperation of the “Associazione Guide Alpine Gran Paradiso”, of the “XII° Corpo Nazionale del Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico Canavese” delegation, organizes the Ninth Edition of the mountain running race ”ROYAL ULTRA SKYMARATHON” and the Sixth Edition of the running race "ROC SKY RACE".

The races will take place Sunday July 30th, 2023 with Start from Lake of Teleccio (1917 m) and Finish at Ceresole Reale – Refuge Massimo Mila (1583 m). The start will be at 6:30 am.

The Route:

  • Royal Ultra Sky Marathon: 55 Km – 4141 m D+ - highest peak 3002 m
  • Roc Sky Race: 31 Km – 2000 m D+ - highest peak 3002 m

 The races will take place on mountain trails with challenging ascents and descents, especially snowy and icy sections, ledges and exposed parts, steep meadows and screes. Therefore a good physical preparation, a habit of covering even challenging trails and the greatest care are necessary.

The races will take place entirely within the protected area of the Gran Paradiso National Park. The Organizer, confident in the ecological and environmental sensibility of all the participating athletes, trusts on their cooperation and invites them to keep an appropriate behavior.

All routes are marked with red-colored flags (where not damaged by weather events or animals), white/red tapes and red-painted notches. Other alerts may be notified on the day of the races.


All athletes who are 18 can take part to the competitions, with a medical certificate of fitness for competitive practice type B1 (i.e. athletics, cross-country and related disciplines). Foreign athletes must certify their fitness for sports through the form downloadable here.


The registration fees will be following:

Cost of the registration from February 15th to April 30th

  • Royal Ultra Sky Marathon: 70€
  • Roc Sky Race: 50€

 Cost of the registration from May 1st to June 30th

  • Royal Ultra Sky Marathon: 85€
  • Roc Sky Race: 65€

 All participants, with the exception of those Fisky members, will be required to pay for the daily Fisky membership to be paid at the registration (€ 5,00).

If a member is unable to take part to the race, the participation fee will not be reimbursed nor will it be possible to use the registration for the following year.

For organizational reasons, a max. limit will be set for registrations for the two races equal to 400 competitors totally.


The Race Director, at his discretion, may change and / or modify the race at any time (ex: route, starting mode, length of the track, arrival etc.), as well as suspend the competition at any time, in order to safeguard the safety of the athletes. In case of cancel of the competition the registration fee will not be in any way refunded.

In case that athletes, excluded or disqualified, or in case of suspended or interrupted races, decide to continue the race, the Organizer decline any responsibility for facts or events that may occur later.

 5.    RULES

Although not explicitly stated, the regulation applies in relation to the rules established by the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation)


All the competitors must:

  • wear the bib visibly throughout all the race;
  • be equipped throughout all the race with: shoes in good condition with non-slip soles (recommended Trail running), survival blanket, waterproof jacket with hood suitable for mountain bad weather conditions, fuseaux ¾ or fuseaux over the knee worn with calves, gloves,  mobile phone (enter the Organizer's emergency number, do not mask the number and do not forget to leave with the battery charged),  Whistle, minimum water reserve half a liter.
  • respect the safety rules and the indications of the various marshal volunteers along the routes, under penalty to be disqualified,
  • follow the route regularly marked;
  • give the bib back to the checkpoints Organizer’s staff, if stopped for out-of-time limit.
  • notify the Organizer and give the bib back to the staff on the route in case of abandonment;
  • leave all the rubbish in the appropriate containers at the support points. The runners caught throwing rubbish along the route will be disqualified.

The Organizer will communicate any changes to the mandatory equipment based on weather and snow conditions, including the use of additional protection means or not.

Warm clothing (necessary in case of expected cold weather), hat or bandana are strongly recommended.

The competitor who wishes to use the poles must keep them for all the race. If poles are used, these must either be retractable (foldable) or have a strap to be carried over the shoulder.

Each bib number is given individually to each competitor upon presentation of an identity document with photo. Each runner will be given a bib to be worn always visible on the chest or belly. The chip is given together with the bib. Before the start, each runner must pass through the entrance gates to the closed starting area to be registered.

Fixed checkpoints will be set up where it is mandatory to transit, under penalty of disqualification. These checks will be rigorous and the decision of the judges of the route irrevocable. 


There will be following cut-offs:

Royal Ultra Sky Marathon:

  • Colle dei Becchi: h 8:30 (2 h from start),
  • Alpe Foges: h 11:00 (4 h 30 min from start) - the runners, who reach this cut-off out of time, can continue on the route of Roc Sky Race and will be included in this ranking
  • Lago Serru: h 15:30 (9 h from start)
  • Rifugio Jervis: h 18:00 (11 h 30 min from start)
  • Max. Total time: 13 h e 30 min (finish within h 20:00)

Competitors who pass the Alpe Foges checkpoint after 10:30 am (4 h from start) can decide to continue on the Roc Sky Race. The competitor must communicate this decision to the staff at the checkpoint, otherwise he will not be included in the Roc Sky Race ranking.

 Roc Sky race:

  • Colle dei Becchi: h 8:30 (2 h from start)
  • Alpe Foges: h 13:00 (6 h 30 min from start)
  • Max. Total time: 10 h e 30 min (finish within h 17:00)

 The Organizer reserves the right to establish additional cut-offs when certain conditions occur that could affect the safety conditions of the participants.

Medical and / or para-medical personnel will be present along the routes for assistance and rescue; if any of them deems the athlete no longer able to continue the race, the athlete must withdraw and give back the bib. If the athlete decides to continue the race anyway, he will not be included in the respective ranking, and the Organizer declines any responsibility for facts or events that may occur later. 


Assistance to the race will be guaranteed by the volunteers appointed by the Organizer, by the “Corpo Nazionale del Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico” and by the Rangers/Guardiaparco of the Gran Paradiso National Park.

. Athletes eliminated because they are late can either return independently or wait for the end of the races and be accompanied downstream by the Organizer’s volunteers (call the emergency numbers for recovery).

In case of abandonment of the races, the athlete must communicate it to the nearest checkpoint, returning the bib to the staff.

The day of the race, 30 July 2022, the meeting is set at 5.30 am at Lake of Teleccio. 


For the Royal Ultra Sky Marathon the first 10 men overall and the first 10 women overall will be awarded with prize money as shown in the table:





€ 2.000

€ 2.000


€ 1.000

€ 1.000


€ 600

€ 600


€ 400

€ 400


€ 300

€ 300


€ 200

€ 200


€ 150

€ 150


€ 150

€ 150


€ 100

€ 100


€ 100

€ 100

In case that, due to adverse conditions for bad weather or for causes that may put the safety of the athletes at risk, the Organizer is forced to schedule the route on an alternative and therefore shorter route, the prize money will be halved.

There will also be prizes in kind for the first 3 men and 3 women of the following categories and a prize of €500 for the first classified men and women in each category:

  • O40 (from 40 to 47 – born from 1983 to 1976)
  • O48 (from 48 to 55 – born from 1975 al 1968)
  • O56 (from 56 on – born on 1967 and before)

 For the Royal Sky Race the first 10 absolute men and the first 10 absolute women will be awarded with prize in kind.

The award ceremony will be held at the Finish at the Massimo Mila Refuge in Ceresole Reale at 18.00. 


Claims must be made in writing, marked with the complainant's name and bib number, at the finish line or immediately after the publication of the provisional results. A deposit of € 50 will be required that will be refunded in case of acceptance of the claim. Claims can no longer be made one hour after the publication of the provisional results. The decision is final by majority decision of the jury. In case of a dispute, the decision of the ISF representative according to ISF rules shall apply. 


By registering for the event, participants declare to accept that the images, photos and / or videos that will be used to advertise the event and / or the territory for similar purposes are used and that their personal data will be included in the Organizer's archives. These data will be stored in a strictly confidential manner by the Organizer and will be used for purposes related to the conduct of the race, in accordance with law no. 675/96 of 31.12.1996, art. 13. At any time these date can be modified or deleted. 


Participation at the "ROYAL ULTRA SKYMARATHON" and the "ROC SKY RACE" implies acceptance by the registered competitors in all its parts and without reservations of this regulation. The race will take place in accordance with this regulation, at any changes and notices that will be published on the website.