Distance=30 km  D+ = 2000 m  D- = 2334 m

The Roc Sky Race is the shortened version of the Royal Ultra Sky Marathon Gran Paradiso (Distance =31 km -D+=2000 m-D-=2334 m-altitude between 1476 and 2990 m - 3 hills). The route develops in the Park National of Gran Paradiso (Italy - Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta) and specifically on the southern slope, in the upper Orco Valley. Departure from Lake Teleccio in the Vallone of Piantonetto and finish line on the shore of Lake Ceresole Reale.

The route takes place mainly on paths (in good part coinciding with the ancient Royal Hunting Roads of the Gran Paradiso); there are passages on challenging terrain including stony ground, exposed stretches and snow-covered steep slopes (on the occasion of the competition they are equipped with ropes or chains the most critical traits). The layout is identified with red flags with the logo of the race.

Refreshments and food stations are set up along the route first health care and gates (see drawings and tables following).

The race, taking place inside the National Park of Gran Paradiso, crosses areas of splendid wilderness that demand the utmost respect from the athletes.