• Baltea Runner ASD organizes in cooperation with the Gran Paradiso National Park, the XII° Delegazione Canavesana del Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico and the Associazione Guide Alpine Gran Paradiso Canavese, the 8th edition of the sky running “Royal Ultra Sky Marathon” and the 5th edition of the sky running “Roc Sky Race“.
  • The races will take place on Sunday, July 21, 2019, starting from Lake Teleccio (1917 m) and finishing in Ceresole Reale – Rifugio Massimo Mila (1583 m). The start is scheduled at 6:30 am, the meeting will take place at 5:30 am at the Lake Teleccio.
  • The route:
    • Royal Ultra Sky Marathon: 55 Km – 4141 m D+ (height gain) – the highest peak of 3002 m
    • Roc Sky Race: 31 km – 2000 m D+ (height gain) – the highest peak 3002 m.
  • The races are open to all competitors who are at least 18 years of age, having a medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports type B1 (i.e. athletics, cross-country skiing, and related disciplines) or, for not Italian, fill in the specific medical certificate (download here)
  • The races will take place on mountain trails with challenging ascents and descents, especially snowy and icy sections, ledges and exposed parts, steep meadows and screes. Therefore a good physical preparation, a habit to follow routes also challenging, as those present in the races, and the greatest care are necessary.
  • The races will take place entirely within the protected area of the Gran Paradiso National Park. The Organizer, trusting in the ecological and environmental sensibility of all the participating athletes, counts on their cooperation and invites them to keep an appropriate behavior.
  • All routes are marked with red-colored flags (where not damaged by weather events or animals) and white/red tapes. Other reports may be notified on the day of the races.
  •  It’s mandatory to follow the marked trails carefully, under penalty to be disqualified.
  • Athletes are required to comply with the safety rules and instruction of the various marshal volunteers along the route, under penalty to be disqualified.
  • Every bib is individually handed to each runner, who has to show an identity document with photo. Every runner will receive a bib that must be always visible on the chest or the stomach. The chip is delivered along with the bib. Before the start, each runner must go through the entrance gates to the closed starting area for the registration process.
  • The race will be defined by fixed checkpoints, where it’s mandatory for all the runners to pass, under penalty to be disqualified. These checks will be rigorous and the decision of the race judges final.
  • The decision of the judges on the disqualifications and penalties is incontestable.
  • Along the way, the Organizer will set up support points in following points: at Alpe La Bruna (2473 m), at Casa di Caccia del Gran Piano (2222 m), at Alpe di Breuil (2380 m), at Lake Lillet (2765 m), at the Colle del Nivolet  (2640 m), at Lake serru (2270), at Rifugio Jervis (1667 m).
  • Any athletes, who are seen to throw any kind of garbage out of the support or assistance areas specifically reported, will be disqualified.
  • There will be medical and para-medical personnel along the routes for assistance and rescue; if anyone of them considers an athlete no longer able to continue the race, he will have to retire and give back the bib. If the runner decides to continue the race, he will not be included in the relevant ranking, and the Organizer declines from now any responsibility for facts or events that may occur later.
  • Assistance to the race will be assured by the Organizer’s Staff, by the rangers/Guardiaparco of the Gran Paradiso National Park and the Delegazione Canavesana del Soccorso Alpino e Speleologico.
  •  There will be cut-offs at the following points:
    • For Royal Ultra Sky Marathon:
      • Colle dei Becchi: 8:30 am (2 h from the start)
      • Alpe Foges: 11:00 am (4 h 30 min from the start) – the runners, who reach this cut-off out of time, can continue on the route of Roc Sky Race and will be included in this ranking
      • Lake Serru: 3:30 pm (9 h from the start)
      • Rifugio Jervis: 6:00 pm (11 h 30 min from the start)
      • Maximum Total Time: 13 h and 30 min (finish before 8:00 pm)
    • For Roc Sky Race:
      • Colle dei Becchi: 8:30 am (2 h from the start)
      • Alpe Foges: 1:00 pm (6 h 30 min from the start)
      • Maximum Total Time: 10 h and 30 min (finish before 5:00 pm)
  • The eliminated athletes, because late, can optionally return independently or wait for the end of the races and be accompanied by the Organizer’s Staff on the route (call emergency numbers for retrieval).
  • In case of retirement from the race, the athlete must notify the decision at the nearest checkpoint, giving back the bib.
  • In case of bad weather conditions, the Race Committee can decide, at its own discretion, to cancel the competitions, to make the races along an alternate route, to start at a different time, to permanently stop the races during their progress: in the latter case, the final rankings will be drawn up to the passage of the last checkpoint, and the athletes will have to strictly follow the instruction given by the Organizer’s staff. In case of cancellation of the race, the Organizer will not be required to make any reimbursement.
  • The Race Committee reserves the right to temporarily suspend or permanently cancel the races for all or part of the competitors, if situations, that may seriously jeopardize the safety of the athletes or persons present at any title along the route, may occur (ex. Operations of helicopter rescue, falling of stones or boulders, etc.)
  • If excluded or disqualified athletes decide to continue the race, the Organizer declines from now any responsibility for facts or events that may occur later, the same is valid in case of suspension or interruption of the race.
  • Mandatory equipment. Each competitor must start the race equipped with: shoes in good condition with non-slip soles (Recommended trail running shoes), survival blanket, waterproof hooded jacket designed to withstand bad weather conditions in the mountains, ¾ leggings or leggings worn above the knee with knee high socks, gloves, mobile phone (enter the number of the Organizer, do not hide mobile number and do not forget to start the race with recharged battery).
  • The Organizer will notify any changes required to clothing and equipment list depending on weather conditions.
  • The Organizer strongly recommends: warm clothing (indispensable in case of expected cold weather), hat or bandana.
  • The competitor who wants to use the ski poles must carry them for the whole duration of the course.
  • The Organizer, due to the nature of the competition, is not responsible for any incidents for a conduct, kept by the competitors, and/or other people (third parties) who are on the route at any title, not in compliance with the rules. For the success of the event it is requested full cooperation from athletes in strictly respect of the races’ rules. The Baltea Runner ASD does not provide any kind of assistance or support for anyone who runs out of the races, and decline any responsibility for athletes out of the race, spectators or pacers.
  • Two rankings for each race will be drawn up, a ABSOLUTE MALE and a ABSOLUTE FEMALE. The award ceremony will be held at Finish by Rifugio Massimo Mila in Ceresole Reale at 6.00 pm.
  • Entry fees and the necessary documentation are detailed in the relevant section (Entries), which forms an integral part of these Rules.
  • Race entry signifies the unconditional acceptance of the regulations as set out by the Race Director.
  • Personal insurance is mandatory. Athletes without a federal license insurance that do not include this type of race are obliged to take out a license for insurance. The athlete must check if the insurance he/she has includes this type of races.
  • The Race Committee declines any responsibility for eventual accidents caused by athletes’ conduct not conforming to the regulations or to third parties on the course for whatever reason or for others including spectators on or off the course.
    For any points not specifically provided for in the present regulations, the general ISF rules will prevail:
  • For the Royal Ultra Sky Marathon following prize money are foreseen:


Men Women
1 € 2.000 € 2.000
2 € 1.000 € 1.000
3 € 600 € 600
4 € 400 € 400
5 € 300 € 300
6 € 200 € 200
7 € 150 € 150
8 € 150 € 150
9 € 100 € 100
10 € 100 € 100