31 km – 2000 m D+

The Roc Sky Race is the short version of the Royal Race (the two competitions have the same first part of the trail) and is dedicated to the highest peak of the S side of Gran Paradiso National Park, the ROC (4026 m).
2 hills (passes), 31 km distance, (height gain) D+ 2000 m, D- 2334 m, but mostly the pure wilderness of the first National Park in Italy.
Start from Lake Teleccio in the wild Vallone di Piantonetto, along the routes of the monumental network of the Royal Hunting trails of the Gran Paradiso Park. Snowy passes, ledges and exposed sections, screes and steep meadows and monumental historic trails at the foot of the Gran Paradiso peak (4061 m), until reaching the finish on the shores of the Ceresole Reale Lake.

Map and profile


Lake Teleccio: 6:30 am


Colle dei Becchi: 8:30 am (2 h from the start)

Alpe Foges: 1:00 pm (6 h 30 min from the start)

Maximum Total Time: 10 h 30 min (finish within 5:00 pm)