Event "Grande Royal"

Grande Royal

  • Friday 14/7/2017 – 5.30 pm – Pala Mila – Borgata Villa,9 – Ceresole Reale:

Drink Skyrunning: on the shores of the Ceresole Reale Lake a meeting with the  President of the International Skyrunning Federation Marino Giacometti and with the first skyrunners who reach Ceresole, to participate in the Royal race. We will talk about the history and the future of skyrunning. Projection of the ISF movie on the skyrunning.
A drink with the newly-created Gran Paradiso cocktail offered to all participats will follow.

  • Friday 14/7/2017 – 6:45 pm – Cà del Meist– Borgata Capoluogo, 3 – Ceresole Reale

Exhibition “In cordata con il Duca (Roped together with the Duke)” – opening: exhibition dedicated to Luigi Amedeo di Savoia Aosta, Duke of Abruzzi. In 1892, here at Ceresole, he started his extraordinary mountaineering adventure, that led him to becoming the true Prince of the Mountains.
The exhibition will be open all summer.

  • Friday 14/7/2017 – 9:00 pm – Salone Centro Visitatori Gran Paradiso National Park – Borgata Prese – Ceresole Reale:

Il Duca degli Abruzzi, l’Irraggiungibile tra vette e mari (The Duke of Abruzzi, the Unattainable between peaks and seas): a special evening for the man to whom the Royal World Edition is dedicated: Luigi Amedeo di Savoia Aosta, Duke of Abruzzi. The tale of a man who has marked the history of exploration with incredible exploits between the seas and the mountains worldwide.
A man with huge determination together with great respect for others: in short, a Prince.
A moment to describe the intimate connection between sailing and mountaineering, of which the Duke was a fabulous example. An example that is inspiring the birth of the “Duca degli Abruzzi” Sports Academy in Ceresole Reale.
To the event will take part Roberto Mantovani, one of greatest scholars of the Duke, and Stefano Beltrando, a member of the new “Duca degli Abruzzi” Sports Academy, just back from his commitments at the America’s Cup.

  • Saturday 15/7/2017 all day – Centro Visitatori Gran Paradiso National Park – Borgata Prese – Ceresole Reale:

Bib pick-up, greetings from Gran Paradiso National Park authorities and main briefing: during the bib pick-up, non-stop projection of movies about the National Park and opportunity of a visit at the exhibition “Homo et Ibex”, on the relationship between man and ibex. At the end of the bibs distribution, greetings and welcome from the Gran Paradiso National Park authorities and race main briefing.

  • Saturday 15/7/2017 – 3.00 pm – Piazza del Municipio – Borgata Capoluogo – Ceresole Reale:

Bib delivering to the top runners: Show event with delivering of the bibs to the top runners.

  • Saturday 15/7/2017 and Sunday 16/7/2017:

Discovering the Valle Orco hydroelectric system: IREN, partner of the Royal race, opens its doors to tourists and curious about discovering the secrets of electricity production and the power of the nature forces (free access, no reservation needed).
– Dam of Ceresole Reale, Saturday  15 july from 14,00 to 18,00 and sunday 16 July  10,00-12,00 and14,00 -18,00
– Power Plant of Villa – Ceresole Reale, sunday 16 July from 14,00 -18,00

  • Saturday 15/7/2017 and Sunday 16/7/2017:

Royal Trek: guided excursions in English, French, German and Spanish to accompany the Italian and foreign athletes and their escorts of the Royal race to discover the Park.
Tasting of typical local products.

  • Sunday 16/7/2017 – 6.30 am – Teleccio Lake:

Start Royal Ultra Sky Marathon Grand Paradiso and Roc Sky Race .

  • Sunday 16/7/2017 – Ceresole Reale Lake:

Alpine Sails: to celebrate the Royal race 2017, full sail for young and young at heart sailors, in love with the glacial waters of Ceresole Reale Lake. Sailors in training driven by the Gran Paradiso winds. For few lucky ones, the big chance to go on board and feel the thrill of sailing with the mountain wind.