Flag's Trip

The Flag Trip marks the beginning of the Royal Ultra Sky Marathon Gran Paradiso. A long journey of 110 km, running and cycling, to transport the Royal Flag from the place where the Lamarmora Generals (the symbolic figures to which the Royal is dedicated) were born to the Royal finish line. A symbolic journey that opens the event and at the same time links it indissolubly to these figures who have contributed in a decisive way to the birth of the Italian State.

Ceremony of the start of the flag: the meeting is at 7.45 am at Palazzo Lamarmora in Biella – Piazzo, near the main access door. From here you will enter the courtyard and then into the inner garden where the flag ceremony will take place, that is Francesco degli Alberti La Marmora will tie the flag of the Lamarmora to the flag of the Royal. At 8:00 am,underlined by the trumpet blast of a Bersagliere from Biella, the first flag-bearer will start the flag journey.

Ceremony for the lighting of the Olympic cauldron: the last flag-bearer, consisting of the representatives of the event main partners and the organizers, will leave from Ceresole Reale Town Hall and will reach the shores of the lake, and hence the Palamila, where the Olympic cauldron will be lighted and will remain on until the end of the race at 8:00 pm on July 21, 2019.